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Why we love Linen huckaback towels

Blue and white striped linen huckaback towel
Linen Huckaback Towel in blue and white stripe
What is huckaback?

This durable linen is an old birdseye or honeycomb weave that has an uneven, pebbled surface, making it super absorbent. The small, raised geometric patterns make the fabric a little rougher than the stonewashed linens. Many iterations of the huckaback weave can be discovered in folk weaving in Germany and Scandinavia dating back to the 1600s.

Why We Love Linen Huckaback Towels

The linen huckaback weave is ideal for the beach or poolside. It's sturdy enough to use as a beach blanket and soft enough to dry off with.

Practical and versatile, it's amazingly absorbent and fast-drying. Linen huckaback has a micro-massaging effect, so it's invigorating and an excellent choice for sensitive skin, and for children.

Natural flax and black striped linen huckaback towel
Linen Huckaback Towel in natural flax and black stripe

We love linen huckaback towels because they take up little space so they're ideal for a minimalist aesthetic and lifestyle, and for travel. They're the perfect natural, lightweight and versatile towel for your summer days. And, they make a beautiful sarong!

Linen is durable and gets softer over time so you'll appreciate it more and more the longer you have it. We love the highest quality linen textiles for their durability and timeless elegance, which makes them excellent heirlooms. This is why we love linen huckaback towels!

All of our linen is 100% European and Oeko-Tex certified. The huckaback towels are slightly larger than our bath towels, so they're great for men or if you prefer a bigger towel.


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