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Luxurious Lithuanian linen

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

European Linen for the Modern Homestead

I don’t know about you, but I actually enjoy washing dishes by hand. When I look at my dishwasher, I think about how much more useful that space would be as storage for more important and beautiful items. There’s something very satisfying about taking the time to wash and dry dishes by hand as our grandmothers did. I’m a big believer that many modern conveniences deprive us of valuable moments of contemplation during the ritual of everyday home keeping tasks. These rituals provide us with a daily opportunity to cultivate contentment and thankfulness.

The first item we wanted to source for Rural Route Seven was handmade, heirloom quality European linens. With our multi-generational heritage of farming and homesteading, we wanted to find a partner who shares our enthusiasm for the beauty of nature and the bounty she brings.

Lithuanian families have always appreciated the gifts of nature. In ancient times, they worked in the fields by day and gathered in the evening by candlelight to spin the linen threads while singing and sharing stories. A lot of effort went into the growing and harvesting of the flax that would then become linen fabric used for hand-tailored clothing, bedding, and household linens. The families believed that their positive energy, emotions and dreams would be passed on to the person who used their handmade items.

We were thrilled to find our linen experts who have a design and tailoring house in Lithuania. Creating textiles from natural materials by hand that are simple yet functional honours the tradition handed down by their grandparents. Their elders’ philosophy was that items made carefully by hand add the heart and warmth of the tailor, which brings happiness to the customer. With the effort and love put into their work, each item would be sure to stand the test of time. The current generation seeks to honour this mission and provide items that embrace tradition with a modern touch.

Every piece is hand-sewn for us with care and we believe this makes a big difference. It is our desire to add a little rustic beauty to your everyday home keeping with heirloom-quality linens that are simply designed, lovely to touch, and perform their purpose with an element of minimalist luxury.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. ~ William Morris


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