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The Healing Power of Linen

Since ancient times, linen has had an important place in human culture and tradition. Linen was used to wrap and preserve mummies in ancient Egypt, was prized by pharaohs, and was even used as currency.  In the Bible, the word linen occurs 104 times, and the word flax occurs 11 times.   It was worn by the high priests and used for the curtains which lined the tabernacle.  Linen was even used to wrap Jesus, both when he was born and when he died.  Linen clothing and sheets are considered ‘holy attire’. 

Flax bale

We are electrical beings, and every cell in our body is a battery;  whether we realize it or not, the vibrational frequency of fabric impacts us through touch, and thus has an impact on our energetic and functional state.   Flax cells are highly complementary with human cells and the human cell can completely dissolve a flax cell.  Interestingly, flax thread appears to be the only natural material utilized for internal sutures in a surgical setting and was the primary fabric for bandages and wound care.  Linen sheets were used in hospitals because it was widely understood that linen aided in healing and preventing infections, and patients did not suffer from bedsores when linen sheets were used.  

Scientists have discovered that linen fibres reflect light.  Nobel prize-winning Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg identified signature frequency numbers of the human body as ranging from 70 to 100 mHz.

Herein lies the healing power of linen. With a frequency of 5000 mHz, linen is a ‘super fabric’. This means that the electromagnetic field of linen oscillates 5000 times per second, which provides a high energy, positive vibration for healing and maintaining health.  The frequency of linen is significantly higher than that of commonly used fabrics like cotton (110 mHz) and polyester (10 mHz).  

Wool is also high at 5000 mHz, but should be worn separately from linen.  The energy of wool flows from left to right, while the frequency of linen flows right to left, so mixing the two together cancels their healing effects.  Perhaps this is why the Bible forbids the wearing of garments made from wool and linen woven together (Deuteronomy 22:11). Hemp and bamboo are both 5000 mHz as well.  

natural flax linen bedding

Ideal for sensitive skin, linen is hygroscopic, meaning it quickly wicks moisture away from the skin with its rapid absorption and dries quickly afterwards. It is naturally thermo-regulating, anti-static, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, UV-resistant, and biodegradable.  All of this makes linen the ideal fabric for clothing, bath towels and bedding.  It’s a rejuvenating fabric that can bring restoration to the body and accelerate healing.  Breathable, non-toxic linen can enhance and calm the nervous system and thus improve mood, and researchers have found that linen promotes deeper, more restful sleep. 

Linen remains the fibre of choice for those who appreciate its tremendous health and ecological benefits.  Valued for its extraordinary healing and restorative properties, in addition to its comfort and texture, linen is an essential fabric for a healthy body and home. 

Linen curtains


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