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Why We Love Neutrals

Updated: Jun 27

Neutral Colours & Natural Linen -- Elegant Simplicity

In a world of relentless sensory overload, a home environment supported by neutral tones and natural materials is a welcome reprieve. Too much sensory stimulation is overwhelming for some people (I am one of them!), so an environment of neutral colours and natural fabrics and materials provides a welcome sanctuary from all kinds of ‘noise.’

Colour is beautiful, but when it comes to my home environment, I love the peace and quiet of natural tones. That goes for style and clothing too. Monochromatic neutrals make me feel grounded, and the look is timeless. I also know I’ll never tire of natural colours and materials.

Living with neutrals is a way to eliminate 'decision fatigue.’ Like you, I’ve got enough to think about every day; deciding what to wear needs to be easy. I don’t mind one bit the ‘uniform’ approach to dressing and decorating; it keeps my focus on things other than my appearance or the decoration of my home, and supports a minimalist lifestyle philosophy.

That’s why I love natural linen. Whether in white or natural flax, I love the clean look and peaceful feeling linen bedding gives to the bedroom. Neutral linen tea towels are always a classic in the kitchen, and what could be more stylish than a linen apron in natural flax? Neutrals at the table provide an elegant background for your culinary creations.

This is why we love neutrals . Natural tones offer a feeling of support and calm, a connection to nature, and simplicity for the mind.

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