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7 Reasons to Bring Back the Handkerchief

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

It's time for a Handkerchief Revival

If you’re above a certain age, you probably remember your grandfather pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket to catch a sneeze or wipe his brow on a hot summer day. In days past, a handkerchief was used to wave a greeting to a friend or to express one’s heartfelt affirmation in church. In one form or another, the handkerchief was with us for millennia -- that is, until the birth of the disposable Kleenex.

handkerchief n.

hæŋ·kər·tʃəf -ˌtʃif (pl. handkerchiefs, handkerchieves)

1 :

a small square piece of cotton, linen, silk, or other finely woven material, used for personal purposes (such as blowing the nose) or as a clothing accessory

Originally invented in the 1920s as a face towel to remove cold cream, by the 1930s Kleenex was touted as the antidote to germs. “Don’t carry a cold in your pocket” became the end of the handkerchief and its multitude of utilitarian and eco-friendly functions.

Simple, utilitarian, and classic.

But it's not just for catching sneezes!

7 Reasons to Bring Back the Handkerchief:

  1. It’s multi-purpose - you’ll be surprised how often you reach for this handy cloth

  2. It’s stylish and elegant

  3. It’s eco-friendly - reusable and zero waste

  4. It’s sturdier than a tissue

  5. It’s cheaper than tissue

  6. It’s softer and gentler on your skin

  7. It’s a conversation starter and potential treasured keepsake

We suspect we’re not alone in our nostalgic desire to reach back into Grandpa’s and Grandma’s closet to revive this handy accessory.

Top 10 Uses for the Handkerchief:
  1. Catch a runny nose or sneeze

  2. Wipe away watery eyes or tears

  3. Blot your makeup or freshen your face in the heat

  4. Clean your glasses or sunglasses

  5. Clean your mobile device or computer screen

  6. Wipe up a spill

  7. Use as a napkin on your lap in a pinch

  8. Clean or dry your hands, or a child’s face

  9. Carry or wrap small or delicate items

  10. Use as a washcloth

"Where a blood relation sobs, an intimate friend should choke up, a distant acquaintance should sigh, a stranger should merely fumble sympathetically with his handkerchief. ~ Mark Twain

Give it a try. Tuck one in your purse or pocket. We think you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!


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